Book Title Jokes!

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I went rummaging through the dusty boxes I had stored away and stumbled upon the faded stacks of my older creations.  It has been decades since I had seen some of these writings and drawings and wanted to bring them back out for the world to see!

Here was a collection of book title jokes I came up with a long time ago:

Title                                                       Author

Be Prepared                                                                       Justin Case

My House                                                                           NobelSonock

Making Drapes                                                                  Curt Ten

Your Front Yard                                                                 Moe Dalan

A Question For Sally                                                        Oscar Now

Needing Help From Parents                                        Collin Yama

Uncooked Beef                                                                 RossTake

Counting For Beginners                                                 Juan Dutre

Running Very Fast                                                           Tucker Doubt

Here Comes The Bride                                                   Stan Dup

I Think It Will Snow Again                                              May Knott

The Bookie At The Door                                                 Owen Money

I Can’tDo This Myself                                                   Linda Hand

Linda Hand                                                                          Kent Dewitt

All About Reptiles                                                            Sally Mander

Why Is She Mad?                                                             Herman Dumpter

Day On The Beach                                                           Sandy Toejam

Wet Hair                                                                              Beau Dry

Go Back The Way You Came                                        Hugh Turn

Stuck Paint Can Lid                                                          Pryde Open

Cookie Batter                                                                    Ulik D. Spoon

What’s After Sunday                                                      Desmond Day Ringabell

The Interrogation of Larry                                            Tyler E. Up

Annoying Sam Is Still Sick                                              Samuel Yet

Clean Your Yard                                                                Drake Broke

The Man With The Bad Aim                                         Mr. Completely

From the Foot Up                                                            Tony Hepchest

What Every Living Room Needs                                 Walter Wall Carpeting

Where Do I Put My Fat Aunt?                                     Parker Here

The Toilet                                                                            John

An Hour Late                                                                      Ben Waiting

The Boring Lecture                                                          Wanda Leaf

Winning the Game                                                          Victor Ree

Soft Ground                                                                       Matt Ted Floor

The Dish In The Sink                                                        Mike Up

How To Write A Long Book                                          Warren Piece

The Math Problems                                                        Adam Up

The Bathroom                                                                   Reed N. Room

What Makes A Blimp Fly?                                             Aaron D. Balloon

Tetanus Shot                                                                     Rusty Nale

Getting Dizzy                                                                     Turner Round

It Is Dark In Here                                                              Dwight Broke

It Took Me By Surprise                                                  Oliver Sudden

Learning the Alphabet                                                   Abbey Seedee

Kindling Wood                                                                   Bernice E.

How Do I Get In The House                                         Dorothy Window

North Or South                                                                 Easter West

Why Are We Going Through The Window?          Doris Jammed

Painting Your Room Dark                                              Wallis Black

Bald Man                                                                             Harris Cut

Passing Gas                                                                        Claire Out

Shadows                                                                              Cecil O. Ettes

The Long Lecture                                                             Gladys Over

Clumsy Man                                                                       Grace Full

Spray Paint                                                                         Errol Salcan

Blood Transfusion                                                            Ivy Needle

I Am Done                                                                           Finn Ish

Over Sooner Than Expected                                       Filmore Tyme

Learning Shakespeare                                                   Toby R. Knotoby

Walking                                                                                Roma Round

Being Bored                                                                       Rita Booke

Cold Hearted                                                                     Ruth Less

A Beautiful Morning                                                       Sonny Daye

Camping Activities                                                           Berry Peking

Signs of Autumn                                                               Lief S. Fallen

The Rain Keeps Coming                                                 Moore Puddles

Where Do Robins Live?                                                 Nestor Birdhouse

Ocean Waves                                                                    Ripley Waters

No One Likes Ross                                                           Roscoe A. Weigh

The Bomb Will Go Off                                                    Stanway Back

I am Tired                                                                            Faye Teague

The Forest Ranger                                                           Tremayne Taining

Where To Put The Leftovers                                       Tupper Where

Adolescent                                                                         Tina Jer

Being Rich                                                                           Iona Lott

What Pets Like                                                                  Patton Dem

Italian Food                                                                        Plato Spaghetti

Don’t You Recognize Me?                                            Hugh R. U.

Over a Hot Fire                                                                  Weldon Stake

Stubbed Toe                                                                      Thor Foote

Peter’s Father, Sam                                                        Samson Peter

Raining In The House                                                      Rufus Gone

Types Of Bread                                                                 Ryan Holeweat

The Picnic                                                                            Raynor Shine

Where The Films Are Made                                         Cawley Foreign Yaa

Black And White Forest                                                 Burch Trees

What Makes Kites Fly?                                                  August F. Wind

The Smart One                                                                  Vala Dick Torian

A Good Piece of Cake                                                    Trudy Light

The Garden                                                                        Harvey Sting

Heavy Smoker                                                                   Dion Early

Fast Ed                                                                                  Edwin D. Race

I’m Faster Than Ed                                                           Elwin D. Race

Lunch                                                                                    Eden Food

Take A Shower                                                                  Hugh Smell

Between The Mountains                                              Val Lee

What’s In The Box?                                                         Yule C.

Where Is Mel?                                                                  Melissa Weigh

Panty Hose                                                                         Lee A. Tard

Do You Want To Help Me?                                           Sherman Y. Knott

Bandwagon Advertisements                                      Avery Boddy

Lost Glasses                                                                       C. Knott Sowell

In The Forest                                                                     Roxanne Trees

The End                                                                                Oliver With