4 Things for our 4th Year

We have now been around for 3 years!

Personally I am very thankful for all of the support and feedback I have received from all of you over the years.  When I first started this website, it was just to share the work I’ve done.  It has now grown into hundreds of pages of writing and thousands of images and illustrations.

In my personal life, much has happened to me since the website’s inception. I received my second Master’s degree, I fell in love, got married, found a great job back home in the states, and I am now a daddy.  I’ve done all this and have still been able to update the site on a weekly basis.  I’m not pointing this out to brag, just publicly surprised at myself.

So what are the plans for this upcoming year?  We got plans.


1.        Cleaning up old issues and stories

original 2 Years

original 2 Years

A cleaned up version

A cleaned up version

The most Pinterest re-pinned page on StoryComic is our 2 Years comic book.  We will be cleaning up the illustrations of the series over the year with the eventual plan of producing a printed copy of the story.

The Stag Gem is getting more readerships by the month.  We are well inside Part 2 of the story. This year we are going back and revisiting part one and having the book retooled and reedited to close down some unaddressed story seeds and write in some narrative hooks that are addressed later in the story.


2.        Serializing Tadman

Since the inception of writing web-based issues, I have been keeping them into a 12 page format.  This was based from a historical perspective of printing them out with folded paper.  Now with the positive feedback with the Lion and Dove format, we will be reformatting Tadman in a similar way.  This year, once our present story arc finishes, Tadman will also be in chapter form.  This will give us way more flexibility in storytelling.


3.        INGO on hiatus

I have been struggling to find an audience for this series.  Is it for humanitarian workers, for their families and friends, or for the general public?   I have tried to mix each issue to be pseudo- educational and entertaining, but I am going to take a step back from the series for a while and look for more stories and try to take it in a more narrative-driven direction.




4.        Rockhaven Farm

This is going to be a new book!  It will be based on the stories I have told my nieces and nephews regarding the land me and my brothers grew up; which included my grandparents  farm.  The stories will be written as a collection of children’s stories and follow the genre of boys and girls discovering their own magical backyard, but through the eyes of their grandfather.  There will be trolls, monkeys, and talking trees.  It will be Winnie the Pooh meets Grandpa’s Ghost Stories.



I am really excited about our fourth year.