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Why we moved

Why did we move? 3 reasons:

1. Mobile platform: The original kookaburramaster site was designed through self-teaching of Dreamweaver. One of the biggest challenges I faced in the original site was the inability to have people utilize the site on mobile devices. Moving to Squarespace has given me that freedom.

2. Flexible Online Accessibility: Now that I am able to design and update my website via Squarespace, I am able to edit and update on any computer; not limiting me directly to my home computer where I have my Dreamweaver installed

3. Design Flexibility: This new website also allows me to freedom to change style and format without spending a bulk of my time learning code to accomplish what I need; allowing me more time to write, draw, and create stories. Now I can see why services similar to Squarespace are so popular with artists and writers. Designing and updating one’s own website is very complicated and time-consuming.

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